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List of TWAIN Capabilities

Asynchronous Device Events
CAP_DEVICEEVENTMSG_SET selects which events the application wants the source to report; MSG_RESET resets the capability to the empty array (no events set). arrow_circle_right
Audible Alarms
CAP_ALARMSTurns specific audible alarms on and off. arrow_circle_right
CAP_ALARMVOLUMEControls the volume of a device’s audible alarm. arrow_circle_right
ACAP_XFERMECHAllows application and source to identify which audio transfer mechanisms they have in common. arrow_circle_right
Automatic Adjustments
CAP_AUTOMATICSENSEMEDIUMConfigures a Source to check for paper in the Automatic Document Feeder. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTODISCARDBLANKPAGESDiscards blank pages. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOMATICBORDERDETECTIONTurns automatic border detection on and off. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOMATICCOLORENABLEDDetects the pixel type of the image and returns either a color image or a non-color image specified by ICAP_AUTOMATICCOLORNONCOLORPIXELTYPE arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOMATICCOLORNONCOLORPIXELTYPESpecifies the non-color pixel type to use when automatic color is enabled. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOMATICCROPUSESFRAMEReduces the amount of data captured from the device, potentially improving the performance of the driver. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOMATICDESKEWTurns automatic skew correction on and off. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOMATICLENGTHDETECTIONControls the automatic detection of the length of a document, this is intended for use with an Automatic Document Feeder. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOMATICROTATEWhen TRUE , depends on source to automatically rotate the image. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOSIZEForce the output image dimensions to match either the current value of ICAP_SUPPORTEDSIZES or any of its current allowed values. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_FLIPROTATIONOrients images that flip orientation every other image. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_IMAGEMERGEMerges the front and rear image of a document in one of four orientations: front on the top. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_IMAGEMERGEHEIGHTTHRESHOLDSpecifies a Y-Offset in ICAP_UNITS units. arrow_circle_right
Automatic Capture
CAP_AUTOMATICCAPTURESpecifies the number of images to automatically capture. arrow_circle_right
CAP_TIMEBEFOREFIRSTCAPTURESelects the number of seconds before the first picture taken. arrow_circle_right
CAP_TIMEBETWEENCAPTURESSelects the hundredths of a second to wait between pictures taken. arrow_circle_right
Automatic Scanning
CAP_AUTOSCANEnables the source’s automatic document scanning process. arrow_circle_right
CAP_CAMERAENABLEDDelivers images from the current camera. arrow_circle_right
CAP_CAMERAORDERSelects the order of output for Single Document Multiple Image mode. arrow_circle_right
CAP_CAMERASIDESets the top and bottom values of cameras in a scanning device. arrow_circle_right
CAP_MAXBATCHBUFFERSDescribes the number of pages that the scanner can buffer when CAP_AUTOSCAN is enabled. arrow_circle_right
Bar Code Detection Search Parameters
ICAP_BARCODEDETECTIONENABLEDTurns bar code detection on and off. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_SUPPORTEDBARCODETYPESProvides a list of bar code types that can be detected by current data source. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BARCODEMAXRETRIESRestricts the number of times a search will be retried if no bar codes are found. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BARCODEMAXSEARCHPRIORITIESSpecifies the maximum number of supported search priorities. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BARCODESEARCHMODERestricts bar code searching to certain orientations, or prioritizes one orientation over another. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BARCODESEARCHPRIORITIESA prioritized list of bar code types dictating the order in which they will be sought. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BARCODETIMEOUTRestricts the total time spent on searching for bar codes on a page. arrow_circle_right
Capability Negotiation Parameters
CAP_EXTENDEDCAPSCapabilities negotiated in States 5, 6 and 7 arrow_circle_right
CAP_SUPPORTEDCAPSInquire Source’s capabilities valid for MSG_GET arrow_circle_right
CAP_SUPPORTEDDATSInquire Source’s DAT messages that are valid. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_COLORMANAGEMENTENABLEDDisables the Source’s color and gamma tables for color and grayscale images, resulting in output that that could be termed “raw”. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_FILTERColor characteristics of the subtractive filter applied to the image data arrow_circle_right
ICAP_GAMMAGamma correction value for the image data arrow_circle_right
ICAP_ICCPROFILEEmbeds or links ICC profiles into files arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PLANARCHUNKYColor data format - Planar or Chunky arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BITORDERCODESCCITT Compression arrow_circle_right
ICAP_CCITTKFACTORCCITT Compression arrow_circle_right
ICAP_COMPRESSIONCompression method for Buffered Memory Transfers arrow_circle_right
ICAP_JPEGPIXELTYPEJPEG Compression arrow_circle_right
ICAP_JPEGQUALITYJPEG quality arrow_circle_right
ICAP_JPEGSUBSAMPLINGJPEG subsampling arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PIXELFLAVORCODESCCITT Compression arrow_circle_right
ICAP_TIMEFILLCCITT Compression arrow_circle_right
Device Parameters
CAP_DEVICEONLINEDetermines if hardware is on and ready arrow_circle_right
CAP_DEVICETIMEDATEDate and time of a device’s clock. arrow_circle_right
CAP_SERIALNUMBERThe serial number of the currently selected source device. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_MINIMUMHEIGHTAllows the source to define the minimum height (Y-axis) that the source can acquire. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_MINIMUMWIDTHAllows the source to define the minimum width (X-axis) that the source can acquire. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_EXPOSURETIMEExposure time used to capture the image, in seconds arrow_circle_right
ICAP_FLASHUSEDFor devices that support a flash, MSG_SET selects the flash to be used; MSG_GET reports the current setting. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_IMAGEFILTERFor devices that support image filtering, selects the algorithm to be used. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_LAMPSTATEIs the lamp on? arrow_circle_right
ICAP_LIGHTPATHImage was captured transmissively or reflectively arrow_circle_right
ICAP_LIGHTSOURCEDescribes the color characteristic of the light source used to acquire the image arrow_circle_right
ICAP_NOISEFILTERFor devices that support noise filtering, selects the algorithm to be used. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_OVERSCANFor devices that support overscanning, controls whether additional rows or columns are appended to the image. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PHYSICALHEIGHTMaximum height Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS ) arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PHYSICALWIDTHMaximum width Source can acquire (in ICAP_UNITS ) arrow_circle_right
ICAP_UNITSUnit of measure (inches, centimeters, etc.) arrow_circle_right
ICAP_ZOOMFACTORWith MSG_GET , returns all camera supported lens zooming range. arrow_circle_right
Doublefeed Detection
CAP_DOUBLEFEEDDETECTIONControl DFD functionality arrow_circle_right
CAP_DOUBLEFEEDDETECTIONLENGTHSet the minimum length arrow_circle_right
CAP_DOUBLEFEEDDETECTIONSENSITIVITYSet detector sensitivity arrow_circle_right
CAP_DOUBLEFEEDDETECTIONRESPONSEDescribe Source behavior in case of DFD arrow_circle_right
Imprinter/Endorser Functionality
CAP_ENDORSERAllows the application to specify the starting endorser / imprinter number. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERMSG_GET returns current list of available printer devices; MSG_SET selects the device for negotiation. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERCHARROTATIONOrientation of each character in the font arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERENABLEDTurns the current CAP_PRINTER device on or off. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERFONTSTYLEStyle (ex: bold, italic…) arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERINDEXStarting number for the CAP_PRINTER device. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERINDEXLEADCHARLead character for padding arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERINDEXMAXVALUEMaximum allowed printer index value arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERINDEXNUMDIGITSMaximum allowed digits in printer index value arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERINDEXSTEPIncrement between printer index values arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERINDEXTRIGGERTriggers for incrementing the printer index value arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERMODESpecifies appropriate current CAP_PRINTER device mode. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERSTRINGString(s) to be used in the string component when CAP_PRINTER device is enabled. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERSTRINGPREVIEWPreview of what a printer string will look like arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERSUFFIXString to be used as current CAP_PRINTER device’s suffix. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PRINTERVERTICALOFFSETY-Offset for current CAP_PRINTER device arrow_circle_right
Image Addressing
CAP_IMAGEADDRESSENABLEDTurns image addressing on or off arrow_circle_right
CAP_IAFIELDA_LEVELSets the image addressing level of this field (a scanner can support up to five fields, listed CAP_IAFIELDA_ * through CAP_IAFIELDE_ *) arrow_circle_right
CAP_IAFIELDA_PRINTFORMATSelects the formatting for printing and reporting the image address arrow_circle_right
CAP_IAFIELDA_VALUEThe image address of the next page to be scanned when scanning starts arrow_circle_right
CAP_IAFIELDA_LASTPAGEThe image address of the last scanned page arrow_circle_right
Image Information
CAP_AUTHORAuthor of acquired image (may include a copyright string) arrow_circle_right
CAP_CAPTIONGeneral note about acquired image arrow_circle_right
CAP_TIMEDATEDate and Time the image was acquired (entered State 7) arrow_circle_right
ICAP_EXTIMAGEINFOAllows the application to query the data source to see if it supports the new operation triplet DG_IMAGE / DAT_EXTIMAGEINFO / MSG_GET . arrow_circle_right
ICAP_SUPPORTEDEXTIMAGEINFOLists all of the information that the Source is capable of returning from a call to DAT_EXTIMAGEINFO . arrow_circle_right
Image Parameters for Acquire
CAP_THUMBNAILSENABLEDAllows an application to request the delivery of thumbnail representations for the set of images that are to be delivered. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_AUTOBRIGHTEnable Source’s Auto-brightness function arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BRIGHTNESSSource brightness values arrow_circle_right
ICAP_CONTRASTSource contrast values arrow_circle_right
ICAP_HIGHLIGHTLightest highlight, values lighter than this value will be set to this value arrow_circle_right
ICAP_IMAGEDATASETGets or sets the image indices that will be delivered during the standard image transfer done in States 6 and 7. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_MIRRORSource can, or should, mirror image. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_ORIENTATIONDefines which edge of the paper is the top: Portrait or Landscape arrow_circle_right
ICAP_ROTATIONSource can, or should, rotate image this number of degrees arrow_circle_right
ICAP_SHADOWDarkest shadow, values darker than this value will be set to this value arrow_circle_right
ICAP_XSCALINGSource Scaling value (1.0 = 100%) for x-axis arrow_circle_right
ICAP_YSCALINGSource Scaling value (1.0 = 100%) for y-axis arrow_circle_right
Image Type
ICAP_BITDEPTHPixel bit depth for Current value of ICAP_PIXELTYPE arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BITDEPTHREDUCTIONAllows a choice of the reduction method for bit depth loss arrow_circle_right
ICAP_BITORDERSpecifies how the bytes in an image are filled by the Source arrow_circle_right
ICAP_CUSTHALFTONESquare-cell halftone (dithering) matrix to be used arrow_circle_right
ICAP_HALFTONESSource halftone patterns arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PIXELFLAVORSense of the pixel whose numeric value is zero arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PIXELTYPEThe type of pixel data (B/W, gray, color, etc.) arrow_circle_right
ICAP_THRESHOLDSpecifies the dividing line between black and white values arrow_circle_right
Language Support
CAP_LANGUAGEAllows application and source to identify which languages they have in common. arrow_circle_right
CAP_MICRENABLEDEnables actions needed to support check scanning. arrow_circle_right
CAP_SEGMENTEDDescribes the segmentation setting for captured images arrow_circle_right
ICAP_FRAMESSize and location of frames on page arrow_circle_right
ICAP_MAXFRAMESMaximum number of frames possible per page arrow_circle_right
ICAP_SUPPORTEDSIZESFixed frame sizes for typical page sizes arrow_circle_right
Paper Handling
CAP_AUTOFEEDMSG_SET to TRUE to enable Source’s automatic feeding arrow_circle_right
CAP_CLEARPAGEMSG_SET to TRUE to eject current page and leave acquire area empty arrow_circle_right
CAP_DUPLEXIndicates whether the scanner supports duplex. arrow_circle_right
CAP_DUPLEXENABLEDEnables the user to set the duplex option to be TRUE or FALSE . arrow_circle_right
CAP_FEEDERALIGNMENTIndicates the alignment of the document feeder. arrow_circle_right
CAP_FEEDERENABLEDIf TRUE , Source’s feeder is available arrow_circle_right
CAP_FEEDERLOADEDIf TRUE , Source has documents loaded in feeder ( MSG_GET only) arrow_circle_right
CAP_FEEDERORDERSpecifies whether feeder starts with top of first or last page. arrow_circle_right
CAP_FEEDERPOCKETReport what pockets are available as paper leaves a device. arrow_circle_right
CAP_FEEDERPREPImprove the movement of paper through a scanner ADF. arrow_circle_right
CAP_FEEDPAGEMSG_SET to TRUE to eject current page and feed next page arrow_circle_right
CAP_PAPERDETECTABLEDetermines whether source can detect documents on the ADF or flatbed. arrow_circle_right
CAP_PAPERHANDLINGControl paper handling arrow_circle_right
CAP_REACQUIREALLOWEDCapable of acquring muliple images of the same page wihtout changing the physical registraion of that page. arrow_circle_right
CAP_REWINDPAGEMSG_SET to TRUE to do a reverse feed arrow_circle_right
ICAP_FEEDERTYPEAllows application to set scan parameters depending on the type of feeder being used. arrow_circle_right
Patch Code Detection
ICAP_PATCHCODEDETECTIONENABLEDTurns patch code detection on and off. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_SUPPORTEDPATCHCODETYPESList of patch code types that can be detected by current data source. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PATCHCODEMAXSEARCHPRIORITIESMaximum number of search priorities. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PATCHCODESEARCHPRIORITIESList of patch code types dictating the order in which patch codes will be sought. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PATCHCODESEARCHMODERestricts patch code searching to certain orientations, or prioritizes one orientation over another. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PATCHCODEMAXRETRIESRestricts the number of times a search will be retried if none are found on a page. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_PATCHCODETIMEOUTRestricts total time for searching for a patch code on a page. arrow_circle_right
Power Monitoring
CAP_BATTERYMINUTESThe minutes of battery power remaining on a device. arrow_circle_right
CAP_BATTERYPERCENTAGEWith MSG_GET , indicates battery power status. arrow_circle_right
CAP_POWERSAVETIMEWith MSG_SET , sets the camera power down timer in seconds; with MSG_GET , returns the current setting of the power down time. arrow_circle_right
CAP_POWERSUPPLYMSG_GET reports the kinds of power available; MSG_GETCURRENT reports the current power supply to use. arrow_circle_right
ICAP_XNATIVERESOLUTIONNative optical resolution of device for x-axis arrow_circle_right
ICAP_XRESOLUTIONCurrent/Available optical resolutions for x-axis arrow_circle_right
ICAP_YNATIVERESOLUTIONNative optical resolution of device for y-axis arrow_circle_right
ICAP_YRESOLUTIONCurrent/Available optical resolutions for y-axis arrow_circle_right
CAP_JOBCONTROLAllows multiple jobs in batch mode. arrow_circle_right
CAP_SHEETCOUNTNumber of sheets the application is willing to accept this session (valid when CAP_XFERCOUNT is -1) arrow_circle_right
CAP_XFERCOUNTNumber of images the application is willing to accept this session arrow_circle_right
ICAP_COMPRESSIONBuffered Memory transfer compression schemes arrow_circle_right
ICAP_IMAGEFILEFORMATFile formats for file transfers arrow_circle_right
ICAP_TILESTiled image data arrow_circle_right
ICAP_UNDEFINEDIMAGESIZEThe application will accept undefined image size arrow_circle_right
ICAP_XFERMECHTransfer mechanism - used to learn options and set-up for upcoming transfer arrow_circle_right
User Interface
CAP_CAMERAPREVIEWUIQueries the source for UI support for preview mode. arrow_circle_right
CAP_CUSTOMDSDATAAllows the application to query the data source to see if it supports the new operation triplets DG_CONTROL / DAT_CUSTOMDSDATA / MSG_GET and DG_CONTROL / DAT_CUSTOMDSDATA / MSG_SET . arrow_circle_right
CAP_CUSTOMINTERFACEGUIDUniquely identifies an interface for a Data Source. arrow_circle_right
CAP_ENABLEDSUIONLYQueries an application to see if it implements the new user interface settings dialog. arrow_circle_right
CAP_INDICATORSUse the Source’s progress indicator? (valid only when ShowUI== FALSE ) arrow_circle_right
CAP_INDICATORSMODEList of messages types that can be display if ICAP_INDICATORS is TRUE arrow_circle_right
CAP_UICONTROLLABLEIndicates that Source supports acquisitions with UI disabled arrow_circle_right
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