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Solution to the Problem: Scan Dialogues Hiding Behind Other Windows

Many device drivers display dialogues for controls, information or progress updates purpose after the user initiates a scanning operation. If such dialogues do not show in front, user experience suffers especially when such dialogues are blocking ones:

Solution: Asprise TWAIN Scan SDK: Bring Hidden Scan Dialogues to Front

When making scan requests, you simply set scan_info_window_bring_front to true to bring hidden scan dialogues to front so that users enjoy a better scanning experience:

 "output_settings" : [ {
   "type" : "save",
   "format" : "pdf",
   "save_path" : ".\\${TMS}${EXT}"
 } ],
 "config": {
   "scan_info_window_bring_front": true

Please take note that not all features are available for all license types.

We can also help you implement advanced handling mechanism to meet your unique business requirements.

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