Java Scanning and Image Capture

High performance Java scanner access and imaging SDK for Windows 32bit/64bit and Mac OS X

Asprise Scanning and Image Capture SDK offers a high performance API library so that you can acquire images from and have total control on almost all kinds of scanners on Windows 32bit/64bit and Mac OS X. With the SDK's powerful and flexible API, you can equip your Java applications (Java applets, web applications, Swing/JavaFX components, JEE enterprise applications) with functionality of high speed document scanning and image acquisition.

Further more, you can rest assured that the SDK is fully compliant with various government privacy acts such as HIPPA and HITECH. High speed ADF scanning allows the end user to scan multiple pages into a ultra small size multi-page TIFF or PDF file.

Features of Asprise Scanning and Image Capture for Java OCR SDK include:

Compatible with Almost All Scanners

Asprise Scanning and Image Capture SDK supports almost any kind of scanner on Windows 32bit/64bit and Mac OS X. With the SDK's widest compatibility, you can rest assure that your customers will able to scan from her or his scanners.

Unrivalled Experience

Asprise has more than 15 years of experience in offering scanning SDK. Our products have been used by banks, financial institutes, law firms, medical firms and government agencies for implementing cheque/check scanning and document management solutions.

Fully Compliant with HIPPA, HITECH & Other Privacy Acts

With Asprise Scanning SDK, you are empowered to scan entirely in memory, with zero temporary file. US government agencies also rely on Asprise to simplify the complexity of HIPPA and HITECH's technical requirements.

Extreme Speed ADF Scanning

Asprise Scanning SDK offers two modes of scanning. The high speed mode offers unparalleled automatic document feeder (ADF) scanning experience to increase the user's productivity effortless. Flexible API allows you to take full control of the process.

Powerful, Flexible and Easy-to-Use API

With one line of code, you can equip your application with scanning functionality. Need to have total control of the scanning process? No problem, thanks to Asprise Scanning SDK's comprehensive API.

Ultra Small Size TIFF/PDF

Even if the device does not support TIFF/PDF formats, you can force the output format to be TIFF or PDF with CCITT Group 4 compression scheme (CCITT T.6) to get ultra small size files.

Budget friendly, Royalty-free

Royalty-free means you pay when you order a development license, but you don't have to pay again when you deploy your software to thousands of servers or to thousands of end users.

Award-winning support

Our team are not only friendly but also capable of providing you first class technical support.

With more than 15 years of experience, Asprise has won the trust of thousands clients including government agencies, financial institutions, industrial leaders as well as SME's. To find out why, you may:

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