Acquire images from scanners and digital cameras on Linux/Unix

JSANE - A Java SANE Implementation

SANE is the de facto standard to access scanners/cameras on AIX, BeOS, Darwin, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, OS2, Solaris, Unixware, Unix platforms. JSANE provides SANE access APIs in Java. JSANE enables Java developers to acquire images from scanners and digital cameras easily. Its universal APIs bridge Java and scanners, digital cameras tightly.

Image Acquisition from Digital Cameras and Scanners with Java on Mac/Linux/Solaris/Unix/BSD, etc.

Access, Control Scanners and Cameras with Java on Unix - Asprise JSANE

Features of JSANE include:

  • Simple Yet Powerful Image Acquisition
    JSANE provides you a set of clean and simple APIs to access, control digital cameras and scanners. In its simplest case, three lines of Java code can do the job. Image acquisition parameters can be set in an elegant way.
  • Flexibility
    JSANE can be used in any Java stand alone application, web application, etc.
  • Device Independent
    Most of scanners are supported by JSANE.
  • Mature Product and Standard Compatability
    JSANE v2 supports SANE v1.0 onwards. [For more info, visit http://www.sane-project.org]. Flexible license scheme available, you can buy binary APIs and/or source code.
  • Optional UI components - Java Image Acquisition/Editor UI Components
    JSANE + Java Image Acquisition UI Components provide complete image acquisition solution.

  • Web Uploading Support
    Save acquired images and upload them to any web server.
  • TIFF Support
    Save scanned images into TIFF files with Asprise Java TIFF Library

For Java image acquisition on Win32 platforms, you need JTwain [http://asprise.com/product/jtwain/index.php].