Acquire images from scanners and digital cameras on Linux/Unix

Asprise JSANE Supported Devices

Manufacturer Supported Models
Abaton Scan 300/GS, Scan 300/S
Across Technologies FS-1130
Actown ACT Scan I 30
Adlib JetScan630, JetScan636PRO
AGFA Arcus 1200, Arcus II, DuoScan, Focus Color, Focus Color Plus, Focus GS Scanner, Focus II, SnapScan, SnapScan 300, SnapScan 310, SnapScan 600, SnapScan 1212u, SnapScan 1236s, SnapScan 1236u, SnapScan e10-e60, StudioScan, StudioScan II, StudioScan IIsi, Studiostar
Apple Apple Scanner, ColorOneScanner, OneScanner
Aries Scan-It Pro 4800,
Artec/Ultima A6000C, A6000C PLUS, AM12S, AS6E, AT3, AT6, AT12, E+ 48U, E+ Pro, Ultima 2000, Ultima 2000 e+
Avision AV100CS, AV620CS, AV620CS Plus, AV630CS, AV6240, AV8000S
Bell and Howell COPISCAN II 2137(A), COPISCAN II 6338
Benq 300f, 310s, 310u, 320u, 340u, 610plus, 610s, 620s, 620u, 640BT, 640bu, 640u, 1240, 3300, 4300, 5000, 5300
Canon CanoScan 300, CanoScan 600, CanoScan 620S, CanoScan 1200S, CanoScan 2700F, CanoScan 2710S, CanoScan D660U, CanoScan FB320P, CanoScan FB330P, CanoScan FB620P, CanoScan FB630P, CanoScan fb630u, CanoScan LiDE20, CanoScan LiDE30, CanoScan N340P, CanoScan N640P, CanoScan N640P ex, CanoScan N650U/N656U, CanoScan N670U/N676U, CanoScan N1220U, CanoScan N1240U,
Compaq S4-100
Cybercom 9352
Epson Actionscanner II, CX-3200, CX-5200, CX-6400, ES-300C, ES-600C, ES-1200C, ES-8500, Expression 636, Expression 800, Expression 1600, Expression 1680, GT-5000, GT-5500, GT-6000, GT-6500, GT-7000, GT-8000, Perfection 600, Perfection 610, Perfection 636S, Perfection 636U, Perfection 640, Perfection 660, Perfection 1200Photo, Perfection 1200S, Perfection 1200U, Perfection 1240, Perfection 1250, Perfection 1250Photo, Perfection 1260, Perfection 1260Photo, Perfection 1640, Perfection 1650, Perfection 1660, Perfection 1670, , Perfection 2400, Perfection 2450, Perfection 3200, Perfection 4870
Escom Image Scanner 256
Fujitsu 1200CUS, fi-4120C, fi-4220C, fi-4340C, fi-4530C, M3091DCd, M3092DCd, M3093GDim, M3093GXim, M3096G, M4097, ScanPartner 93GX, SP15C
Genius ColorPage HR6 V1, Colorpage HR6 V2, Colorpage HR6X EPP, Colorpage HR7, Colorpage Vivid III V2, Colorpage Vivid Pro II Film, Colorpage Vivid3 V2, Colorpage Vivid3x, Colorpage Vivid3xe, Colorpage Vivid4, Colorpage Vivid4x, Colorpage Vivid4xe, ColorPage-HR5 (Pro), Colorpage-SP2
Guillemot / Hercules Maxi A4 36 bit, Maxi Scan A4 Deluxe (SCSI), Maxi Scan A4 USB 640U, Scan@home Touch 1248 (USB)
Hewlett-Packard (HP) PhotoSmart PhotoScanner, ScanJet 3c/3p/4c/4p/5p/5s, ScanJet 2100C, 2200c, 3200c 3870c 4100c 4600 4670 5100c 5200c 5300c 5370c 5400c 5470c 5490c 6100c 6200c 6250c 6300c 6350c 6390c 7400c 7450c 7490c 8200c 8250c 8290c IIc, IIcx, IIp Plus
IBM 2456
Lexmark X70, X73, X74, X75, X83, X1150, X5130
Linotype Hell Jade, Jade2, Linoscan 1400, Saphir Ultra II, Saphir2, Saphir3,
LT 9452, MD 4394, MD 9458, MD 9848, MD/LT 935x, MD/LT 985x, MD/LT 9375, MD/LT 9385, MD/LT 9890, MD4394, MD9693, MD9705
Microtek Color PageWiz, Phantom 330CX, Phantom 636, Phantom 636CX, Scanmaker 35, Scanmaker 35t+, Scanmaker 45t, ScanMaker 330, Scanmaker 600G(S), ScanMaker 630, ScanMaker 636, ScanMaker 3600, ScanMaker 3700, ScanMaker 3750, ScanMaker 9600XL, Scanmaker E2, Scanmaker E3, ScanMaker E3plus, ScanMaker E3plus, Scanmaker E6, Scanmaker II, Scanmaker IIG, Scanmaker IIHR, Scanmaker III, Scanmaker IISP, ScanMaker V6USL, ScanMaker V6USL, ScanMaker V300, ScanMaker V300, ScanMaker V310, ScanMaker V310, ScanMaker V600, ScanMaker V600, ScanMaker X6, ScanMaker X6EL, ScanMaker X6USB, ScanMaker X12USL, SlimScan C3, SlimScan C6
Mitsubishi Diamondview 648UT, Diamondview 650U, SS600
Mustek 96 CP, 600 III EP Plus, BearPaw 1200, BearPaw 1200 CS, BearPaw 1200 CU, BearPaw 1200 CU Plus, BearPaw 1200 F, BearPaw 1200 TA, BearPaw 2400, BearPaw 2400 CS Plus, BearPaw 2400 CU, BearPaw 2400 CU Plus, BearPaw 2400 TA, BearPaw 2400 TA Plus, BearPaw 2448 CS Plus, BearPaw 2448 TA Plus, Paragon 600 II CD, Paragon 600 II N, Paragon 800 II SP, Paragon 1200 A3 Pro, Paragon 1200 III SP, Paragon 1200 LS, Paragon 1200 SP Pro, Paragon MFC-600S, Paragon MFC-800S, Paragon MFS-1200SP, Paragon MFS-6000CX, Paragon MFS-6000SP, Paragon MFS-8000SP, Paragon MFS-12000CX, Paragon MFS-12000SP, Plug-n-Scan 2400 M, Plug-n-Scan 2400 MT, ScanExpress 600 CP, ScanExpress 600 CU, ScanExpress 600 SEP, ScanExpress 1200 CP, ScanExpress 1200 CP+, ScanExpress 1200 CU, ScanExpress 1200 CU Plus, ScanExpress 1200 UB, ScanExpress 1200 UB Plus, ScanExpress 6000 P, ScanExpress 6000SP, ScanExpress 12000SP, ScanExpress 12000SP Plus, ScanExpress A3 SP, ScanExpress A3 USB, ScanMagic 600 CP, ScanMagic 600 II SP, ScanMagic 1200 UB Plus, ScanMagic 4800 P, ScanMagic 9636S, ScanMagic 9636S Plus
Nikon AX-210, LS 30, LS 40 ED, LS 2000, LS 4000 ED, LS 8000 ED, LS-20, LS-30, LS-1000, LS-2000
Packard Bell Diamond 1200, Diamond 1200 Plus, Diamond 2450
Panasonic KV-S2025C, KV-S2045C, KV-S2065L, KV-SS25, KV-SS25D, KV-SS50, KV-SS50EX, KV-SS55, KV-SS55EX
PIE ScanAce 1230S, ScanAce 1236S, ScanAce III
Plustek OpticPro 600P/6000P, , OpticPro 1212U, OpticPro 1236P, OpticPro 1248U, OpticPro 4800P, OpticPro 4830P, OpticPro 4831P, , OpticPro 9600P, OpticPro 9630P, OpticPro 9630PL, OpticPro 9636P, OpticPro 9636P+/Turbo, OpticPro 9636T, OpticPro 12000P/96000P, OpticPro 12000T, OpticPro 19200S, , OpticPro AI3, OpticPro P12, OpticPro PT12, , OpticPro U12, OpticPro U12, OpticPro U16B, OpticPro U24, OpticPro UT12, OpticPro UT12, OpticPro UT16, OpticPro UT24, OpticSlim 1200, OpticSlim 2400
Primax Compact 4800 Direct, Compact 4800 Direct-30, Compact 4800 SCSI, Compact 9600 Direct-30, Jewel 4800, Profi 9600, Profi 19200
Relisys APOLLO Express 3, APOLLO Express 6, AVEC 2400, AVEC 2412, AVEC 4800, AVEC II S3, Infinity Scorpio, RELI 2412, RELI 4816, RELI 4830, SCORPIO Pro, SCORPIO Super 3
Ricoh IS-420, Ricoh IS50, Ricoh IS60
Sharp JX-250, JX-320, JX-330, JX-350, JX-610
9036 Flatbed scanner, ST400, ST800
Tamarack Artiscan 6000C, Artiscan 8000C, Artiscan 12000C
Targa Funline TS6 EP, Funline TS12 EP
Trust Compact Scan USB 19200, Compact Scan USB 19200, Easy Connect 9600+, Easy Connect 19200+, Easy Webscan 19200, Flat Scan USB 19200, Imagery 1200, Imagery 1200 SP, Imagery 2400 SP, Imagery 4800 SP, Imagery 4800 SP+, SCSI Connect 19200, SCSI excellence series 19200
UMAX Astra 600S, Astra 610S, Astra 1200S, Astra 1220P, Astra 1220S, Astra 1220U, Astra 1600P, Astra 2000P, Astra 2100S, Astra 2200 (SU), Astra 2200 (SU), Astra 2400SAstra MX3, Astra MX3, AstraSlim SE, Gemini D-16, Mirage D-16L, Mirage II, Mirage IIse, PL-II, PowerLook, PowerLook 2000, PowerLook 2100XL, PowerLook 3000, PowerLook III, PSD, Supervista S-12, UC 630, UC 840, UC 1200SE, UC 1260, UG 80, UG 630, UMAX 3400, UMAX 3450, UMAX 5400, UMAX S-6E, UMAX S-6EG, UMAX S-12, UMAX S-12G, Vista S6, Vista S6E, Vista-S8
Kodak DC20, DC25, DC210, DC240

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